New Hampshire Police, Fire, & EMS Foundation

PO Box 520, Epping, NH 03042

In 2006, the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police began working on a Foundation to assist public safety first responders.  Depending on how a non-profit group is organized and then registered, with the Internal Revenue Service, dictates what they can and cannot do with the organization’s funds.  The New Hampshire Police, Fire, & EMS Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.  Over the past three years, the foundation has assisted a number of public safety responders and their families.  There are fifteen directors who oversee the foundation.  The board is made up of citizens, judges, police chiefs, a fire chief, and an emergency medical technician.

I would like to give you a few examples of how the foundation has been able to assist our New Hampshire First Responders:

One police officer’s wife was awaiting a heart transplant and was on a mechanical heart.  Due to the rural area they needed a generator installed at the residence so that she could go home.  The community had done a number of fund raisers when the circumstances were brought to the foundation’s attention.  The board approved the funds to complete the purchase and installation of the generator.

A firefighter’s home was completely destroyed by fire leaving himself and his family homeless.  The foundation contributed $1,000.00 dollars to help the family get back on their feet.

A 29 year old EMT, with a pregnant wife, had suffered three heart attacks in the last two months.  Doctors have diagnosed him with a prolapsed mitral valve or “sticky valve”.  He was placed on a monitor and has not been able to return to work.  The foundation was contacted regarding their hardship and contributed $1,000.00 to assist with their bills.

A dispatcher for a local department has been diagnosed with a serious lung disease.  She had been a police officer, is married to a firefighter, and has two children.  Due to mounting hospital bills, they lost their home and were about to lose their vehicle.  The foundation was able to assist the family with their bills.

Recently, a four year old boy was put down for a nap.  When his dad went to wake the child he was found unresponsive.  The dad, a police officer, attempted to resuscitate the boy and called 911.  The 911 call was rerouted to the local dispatch center where the little boy’s mother (another police officer) was working as she is eight months pregnant.  She heard the call and ran from the station tripping and falling outside.  Other officers assisted her and she was taken to the hospital.  Both she and her baby are fine.  The little boy did not survive.  The foundation contacted a local official who was attempting to raise funds to assist the young couple with the expense of the funeral services.  The foundation was able to assist with a $2,000.00 contribution.

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