Lieutenant Brad Gould


Lt. Brad Gould Officer of the Year


Lt. Gould is a twelve and a half year veteran of the Dover Police Department.


 The Dover Department nominated Lt. Gould based on his consistent and confident supervision, being highly organized and his ability to remain calm in highly stressful situations.


 On the evening of June 6, 2013 Lt. Gould was the on-duty Shift Commander.  He responded to an active structure fire in a densely populated residential area.  It was reported that someone was trapped inside the burning multi-unit apartment building.  Gould arrived before any fire department personnel.  When he arrived people were outside but near the structure, he order them to move away from the residence and learned that one of the people was the father of a 16 year old girl who was trapped inside.  The man wanted to enter the building to try to rescue her.  Lt. Gould was able to prevent the man from going into the residence, while also coordinating the police response to the fire.  He assigned officers to close the street to vehicular traffic while interviewing bystanders to find out how many lived in the building.


Lt. Gould gathered enough information to provide to the responding firefighters so they could enter the building and make the rescue of the 16 year old girl without having to search other apartments.  The girl was initially unresponsive but was quickly transported to Wentworth Douglass Hospital and then to Mass General Hospital.  She survived the fire.  Lt. Gould’s actions in the first moments likely contributed to her survival and certainly prevented her father from becoming a victim.


On September 30, 2013, Lt. Gould was again the Evening Shift Commander, and he and fellow officers responded to a report that a woman had been assaulted with a hammer; additional


information stated the assailant may be armed with a handgun.   Lt. Gould coordinated the placement of responding Dover officers, as well as a state trooper who responded.  With his calm presence on the radio and strategically deploying officers around the building being sure the officers armed themselves with their patrol rifles, while he did the same.  He also retrieved the ballistic shield from the trunk of his cruiser. He attempted to learn the exact condition and location of the victim while attempting to gather information on the suspect, including his likely location  and if he was armed, while also keeping the dispatchers informed.  He also requested the notification of the Field Operations Division Commander and activation of the regional tactical team.


The victim was located and evacuated, Lt. Gould and the State Trooper remained in the hall near the suspect’s apartment in order to keep him contained.  Lt. Gould had another Dover officer stand outside the exit to the building a short distance from the suspect’s apartment so the exit was covered and the officer could maintain a visual on the apartment doors and windows.


Knowing there were other residents in the building, Lt. Gould attempted to have the suspect come out peacefully.  While Lt. Gould was trying to convince him, the apartment door opened and the suspect began firing at them with a handgun.  He fired shots at Lt. Gould, the trooper and the Dover officer outside the building.  All three officers returned fire with their rifles.  They wounded the suspect and caused him to retreat back into his apartment.  The officers retreated from the building while maintaining a secure perimeter.  While leaving the building Lt. Gould announced that shots had been fired and he immediately began contacting each of the officers over the radio to ensure that they were not injured.


Lt. Gould then briefed the responding commander and the supervisors of the tactical team.   He provided critical details of the layout of the building as well as the last know location of the suspect so the team could formulate their tactical plan.  The incident resulted in a standoff that lasted several hours and ended after the suspect shot himself with his handgun.


Lt. Gould maintained a calm and professional demeanor on the radio, he was able to coordinate the department’s response to a dangerous call and displayed extraordinary leadership skills in the face of high stress and extreme danger.  It certainly exemplifies the characteristics that any police department would want in its leaders.


 The NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation is extremely proud to present Lt. Brad Gould the Police Officer of the Year Award!