John Burdette, NRP


jbJohn Burdette, NRP


John Burdette has been providing advanced life support care in the Lakes Region for over 12 years, and is a member of  Stewart’s Ambulance Service in Meredith, NH.


John’s care has been outstanding and he is often teased about being the “black cloud”, or a magnet for very serious calls.  He has demonstrated outstanding skills and confidence while providing the highest level of care.  He has been a mentor and a friend to all that work with him.


Some of the comments from patients, co-workers and fire officials have included:


“Thanks to Jon for his extreme professionalism” – patient;


“If it were not for his skills and speed getting me to Concord Hospital, the outcome most certainly would have been different” – patient;


“Going above and beyond at a fire scene, assisting with hoses, obtaining and distributing food and water to fire crews, providing excellent rehab” – Fire crew;


“Your decisions were heads up and strongly benefited the patient” – burn patient & Fire Dept.


Stewart’s prides itself in its clinical care provided in the field every day.  John is a shining example of the kind of care that can be given in the field under emergency medical services. 


It is with great honor and pride the NH Police Fire and EMS Foundation presents John Burdette with the Outstanding Emergency Medical Services Award of the Year!