Firefighter Russell Osgood


OsgoodFirefighter Russell Osgood


Russell Osgood, Vice President of the Portsmouth Firefighters Charitable Association.  Firefighter Osgood is an outstanding  member of the fire service family who has impacted many lives. 


 Firefighter Osgood has organized several fundraisers benefiting fire service members with cancer.  One such fundraiser is Sarah’s Ride, in honor of Firefighter Sarah Fox who succumbed to breast cancer.  This memorial ride continues and hosts over 300 motorcycles with 2000 people in attendance.  Also in honor of Sarah, some of the funds from the ride send young ladies to “Camp Fully Involved”, a week long fire camp for girls in NH.  Firefighter Osgood also assisted Jeff Bokum who lost his battle with cancer in 2012.  Firefighter Osgood was Captain of the “Bros with Mo’s ” team, where firefighters raised money by growing mustaches.  They raised over $17,000.00 for cancer research.


Firefighter Osgood will always be known for his efforts in developing the Firefighter Cancer Awareness Program along with the NH Fire Chiefs, NH Fireman’s Association, the NH Fire Academy and the Firefighters Cancer Support Network.  This important program is presented through lecture, video and personal testimony to students, hoping to change the culture and attitudes of firefighters to be more aware of the dangers of the profession.  This program is now available online and is part of every Firefighter I training program to help teach firefighters early on in ways how to prevent unnecessary exposure.  To date, several hundred firefighters and fire officers have received this important training, in effect, saving the health, if not lives, of our current and future firefighters.  NH is first in the Nation to teach this program as part of our firefighter curriculum.


Due to Firefighter Osgood’s tireless efforts with his involvement in fundraisers, program development, training and hitting the road teaching his brother and sister firefighters ways to help prevent cancer, he may have already saved lives.  It is because of Firefighter Russ’s perseverance and dedication to seeing the Cancer Awareness Program to fruition, the hours he spends helping to raise funds for cancer research, and the selfless efforts in helping to keep his brothers and sisters safe from the dangerous toxins and carcinogens that they are exposed to.


It is with great honor the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation proudly present Firefighter Russell Osgood with the Firefighter’s Award of the Year!