Captain Ron Anstey

Lifetime Achievement Firefighter 

Ron Anstey

Captain Ronald D. Anstey, Jr.

Captain Ron Anstey is a part time Fire Investigator and Chief of Engineering Services with the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Captain Ron Anstey is a lifetime public servant, beginning his fire service career with the Londonderry Fire Department as a call firefighter in 1973, was promoted to full time in 1979, to lieutenant in 1983 and to Captain in 1993, serving the Town of Londonderry for over 33 years.  Following his time with the Town, he joined forces with the NH State Fire Marshal’s office where he continues to serve the public.

Captain Anstey is a leader.  His leadership was clearly demonstrated in his 33 yeas of service with the Londonderry Fire Department and continues to carry across many different professional capabilities to provide highly technical investigative assistance, fire and building code interpretation with enforcement, public and fire service education along with serving as the Chaplin for the NH Fire Standards and Training Commission.

Ron has contributed to public safety in many ways, a few being: having built the fire prevention section of the Londonderry Fire Department from scratch, and his foundation lives on today in promoting public safety in the town;  worked to provide a safe environment for the NH University System and Community College System students to learn and live in by working collaboratively with the stakeholders throughout the entire process; verifies that all new health care occupancies in NH are designed to the current state fire code and, following up to ensure these very vulnerable residents have a safe environment.  Captain Anstey has led a review and enforcement of the new Compressed Natural Gas storage and pipelines to several high hazard occupancies in the state.  This new means of providing cost effective fuel to these facilities was done without the benefit of prescriptive codes and has only begun to be used here in the northeast United States.  His attention to detail identified several vulnerabilities in the system that has been engineered for better safety.

Captain Ron Anstey is a seasoned leader that gives 100% of his time to the safety of the public.  He is an accomplished fire officer who has lived his life helping others for over 41 years of public service.  Captain Ron’s love of his family carries over to friends, neighbors, community, and anyone he comes in contact with.

The NH Police Fire & EMS Foundation proudly presents Captain Ronald Anstey with the Fireman’s Lifetime Achievement Award!