Detective Sergeant Edward Shaughnessy – Citation

Commendation –  Bradford Police Department Lifesaving Award

Det. Sgt. Edward Shaughnessy

On March 25th, 2014 Sgt. Edward Shaughnessy responded to a call of 6 month old child not breathing.  Upon arrival he was met outside the home by the reporting party.  The Sergeant entered the home and located the baby lying in a baby chair.  The child’s extremities were ridged and he appeared to be apneic. The child was making a ticking sound his eyes were rolled back and the Sergeant found the child’s tongue was rolled back and his mouth full of mucus. 

Sergeant Shaughnessy then rotated the child on to his side while swiping out the child’s mouth and moving the child’s tongue clear of his airway.  The child began to gurgle and the Sergeant continued to monitor his airway as the child began to fuss and cry.  Once the child’s color returned the mother was allowed to pick him up when it appeared that the child was again having some difficulty Sergeant Shaughnessy took the child back placed him on his side and continued to monitor his airway until turned over to Emergency Medical Personnel.

I find that Sgt. Shaughnessy’s quick intervention and life supporting steps and monitoring were instrumental in establishing and maintain an airway in this 6 month old child. 

Sergeant Shaughnessy actions are of the highest standards in the traditions of the Bradford Police Department, and New Hampshire Law Enforcement, I therefore commend him this the 26th Day of March 2014 for a job well done.