Chief Robert Wright

 Lifetime Achievement EMS

 Bob Wright

Chief Robert Wright

Chief Bob Wright has been involved with the Washington Fire and Rescue for more than 40 years.  Bob became fire Chief in 1987 which he held for 15 years.  He is currently an EMT-1, and is studying to become an AEMT.

While service on the fire department Bob became of the individuals who saw the need for a Rescue service in the town.  He was one of the original members of the Rescue Squad that was formed in 1981.  From the beginning he encouraged both regular training and professional affiliation for both Fire and Rescue.

Bob was not only instrumental in setting up Rescue services in Washington, but also encouraged and mentored others to join, including immediate members of his own family.  During those years, and while Fire Chief, he also served as Training Officer and then as Lieutenant for Rescue.   Individuals who started out with Washington Fire and Rescue have gone from volunteers to EMS and Fire professionals in other towns in both NH and Massachusetts, including at the state level in NH, and other former (and current) Rescue Squad members have become nurses, emergency room techs, and a paramedic working at area hospitals.

Bob joined the Ski Patrol at Pat’s Peak as a volunteer, has been a director and a staff member.  Because of his work at Pat’s Peak he is also affiliated with Henniker Fire and Rescue.

For the last three and a half years Bob has been captain of the Washington Rescue Squad.  He continues to be instrumental in maintaining the squad as a professional and well-equipped service.  He encourages squad members to participate in regular training, including attending the Lake Sunapee and the North Country EMS conferences held annually.  What he recommends to the squad, he puts into practice himself.  He has been a Firefighter, I instructor, and for many years an instructor for Outdoor Emergency Care for the ski patrol.

Since 1981 Bob has regularly gone on rescue calls, bringing to his treatment of patients all the skills, knowledge and professionalism he has developed during these many years.  People in town trust him and are visibly reassured hen he is on a call.  He is especially valuable to Rescue on calls that involve extrication from a vehicle or broken dislocated bones.

The NH Police Fire and EMS Foundation proudly presents Captain Robert Wright with the Emergency Medical Services Lifetime Achievement Award!