Sergeant Michael Grier – Lifesaving Award



On January 8, 2016 Sgt. Grier was awaiting his case to be called at the 4th Circuit-District-Laconia Court when a gentleman while testifying on the stand, in an unrelated case, experienced a cardiac event.   Sgt. Grier, perceiving the gravity of the situation, immediately came forward and placed the subject on the floor.  After determining the man was not breathing and had no pulse, Sgt. Grier took command of the scene and he began to give him CPR.  He requested 911 and an AED be located and brought to him.  The AED was hooked up to the subject and confirmed he had no pulse.  Sgt. Grier provided the electrical shock indicated by the AED and the subject began breathing on his own and regained his pulse.   The Laconia Fire Dept. arrived and took over treatment of the man.

At the time Sgt. Grier saved the gentleman’s life,  it was not known that the gentleman was a retired police officer.

As stated by Judge James M. Carroll, “Sgt. Grier did what is expected of our law enforcement agents on an everyday routine.  He showed us all the saving training and experience that we trust law enforcement possesses.

In this day of uncertainty in the media, as to some law enforcement actions, Sgt. Grier showed the highest level of competency in an emergency situation.  Sgt. Grier was the embodiment of the police officer [to serve and to protect]….we thank Sgt.Grier and we thank those who trained him so well.”

It is with great pleasure that the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation presents Sergeant Michael Grier with a Life Saving Award!