Rescue Capt. Gina Catalano – Lifetime Achievement Award

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Rescue Captain Gina Catalano has been in charge of bringing the rotating membership up to speed on protocols, and qualifying them to operate equipment as well as be approved to work on patients.  Each new member must attend an 8 to 16 hour orientation program, driver training, patient care assessment and administrative paperwork is outstanding.   The time and effort Rescue Captain Catalano has put into this effort, an effort that ultimately assures the New Boston Fire Department provides some of the best on duty coverage to be found anywhere in NH for a smaller volunteer department.  Her dedication to ensure the highest possible quality EMS coverage for our residents, as well as helping to advance members capabilities and careers in the Fire/EMS service, is excellent.

For each new member of these programs, aside from the work described above, there is at least 2-3 hours of paperwork to be done, hours of training, and ongoing mentoring.  This, all above and beyond what a volunteer/call EMS Officer is typically required to invest in their organization.

Somewhere, Rescue Captain Catalano has found time to ensure the Department is equipped with the latest tools of the trade, and manages her budget like it was her own personal budget.  She can be found at the station working most any hour of the day or night.  Since she has non-department full time job as a lab technician in a hospital in Nashua, besides her position with the New Boston Fire Department, this require time management for her constantly.  She also recently became a certified paramedic.

Rescue Captain Catalano is truly a dedicated, driven person who exemplifies a top leader in improving EMS service in New Boston as well as throughout the State, wherever her students go.  The Fire Department has coned the phrase “New Boston is a Teaching Fire/EMS Department, and through Rescue Captain Catalano’s efforts, this has proven to b accurate and successful.

It is with honor and pride that the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation presents Rescue Captain Gina Catalano with an Emergency Medical Services Award!