Detective Robert Buelte – Lifetime Achievement Award




Detective Robert Buelte began his career in November 1994 as a part-time police officer at the University of New Hampshire Police Department.  Detective Buelte completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of New Hampshire in May of 1995, and transferred to the Nottingham Police Department that year to become a full-time officer.  In furtherance to his policing career, Officer Buelte joined the Concord Police Department in January 2002.  While assigned to the Patrol Division, Detective Buelte distinguished himself among his peers statewide, receiving the State Looking Beyond the Ticket award for his work in identifying both drug and alcohol impaired drivers.

Detective Buelte eventually went on to receive his certification as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and DRE Instructor certification.  However, what eventually distinguished Detective Buelt from his peers in the Patrol Division was his work ethic and investigative tenacity.

In January 2011 Detective Buelt was transferred to the Criminal Investigative Division as a member of the Youth Service Unit (Juvenile).  Detective Buelte has received specialized training in many disciplines, such as forensic interviewing and homicide investigation.  Among his many duties his primary responsibility  include cases involving children and adults of domestic and sexual violence.  Detective Buelte’s diverse skill-set is often sought after by the Criminal Investigation Unit to assist with robberies, death investigations and other major crimes.

The following case is one example of Detective Buelte’s tenacity as an investigator in a cased assigned to him in July, 2015:

March, 2014 a male suspect brought two minor females from Laconia to his residence in Concord.  He served them both alcohol and then sexually assaulted one of the girls, she was 15 years of age at the time.  Detective Buelte received the case in April, 2015.  He took the case that was now over a year old and began working diligently on it.  In July, 2015, Detective Bruelt applied for and received authorization to conduct a one party communication with the suspect.  The suspect began communication with the victim and eventually with Detective Buelte.  After incriminating himself further, the suspect agreed to pick up the under aged victim at a local gas station for a sexual encounter.  Through Detective Buelt’s hard work and exceptional investigative skills, he was able to apply for and received both a search and arrest warrant for the suspect.  The suspect was arrested when he arrived at the clandestine location.

Because of Detective Buelt’s tenacious work ethics and commitment to the Concord community, a child predator was taken out of the Concord community.

Detective Buelt’s accomplishments as an instructor and mentor, his quick offer to assist patrol officers during work days or after hours with drug and alcohol impaired drivers and associated criminal investigations over and above his daily casework; his sacred time away from his family coming in early or interrupted weekends shows that Detective Robert Buelt is a consummate professional who never says or takes no for an answer.

It is with great pride that the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation awards Detective Robert Beult with a Lifetime Achievement Award!