Detective Julie Curtin – Outstanding Officer




Detective Julie Curtin completed her Criminal Justice degree at Marist College in NY and she began her career in June of 1999 with the Concord Police Department.  While assigned to the Patrol Division, Detective Curtin went on to receive her Master of Arts in Community and Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts.  In December of 2004 Dt. Curtin transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division as a member of the Youth Services Unit (Juvenile).  Detective Curtin has received specialized training in forensic interviewing and advanced forensic interviewing.   Among her many duties, her primary responsibility include cases involving children and adults of domestic and sexual violence.

The following is an example of Det. Curtin’s tenacity and commitment to victims of domestic and sexual violence, this is just one of hundreds of cases she participates in each and every year.

“Detective Curtin was assigned to a sexual assault that tool place at a local prep school in Concord.  This was a complex case starting in May of 2014.  The investigation entailed contacting current and former students from across the country.  In addition to the interviews, a large amount of evidence and electronic data had to be procured through search warrants and subpoenas.  The investigation eventually led to the arrest of the suspect in July of 2014 and the investigation continued even after the arrest and accelerated prior to the superior court trial in the summer of 2015.  After countless motion hearings and under the spotlight of the national news media, the trial took place.  Through-out the process, Detective Curtin’s investigation and integrity withstood many challenges.   Because of her thorough investigative skills, commitment and attention to detail, the suspect as found guilty.  However, Detective Curtin did not stop there.  When she was made aware that several “troll” web-sites were set up to harass and attack the victim and the family, Detective Curtin again took action.  She contacted State and Federal agencies, corporations, colleges and agencies outside the United States to advocate for this victim and the family.  Detective Curtin was able to succeed where many would have failed in getting these web-sites taken down.  This was no small feat considering the case was concluded and Detective Curtin had already turned her attention to her every growing case load. Detective Curtin never lost sight of the most important part of this criminal investigation, and that was justice for the victim.

This is the type of work that the Concord Police Department is accustomed to seeing day in and day out from Detective Curtin as a member of the Criminal Division’s Youth Services Unit.

It is an honor for the NH Police Fire & EMS Foundation to present Detective Julie Curtin with an Outstanding Police Office Award!