Deputy Chief Scott Dumas – Life Saving Award



Deputy Police Chief Scott Dumas was promoted to the rank of deputy chief and captain of the Rochester Police Department on June 1, 2012.   Deputy Chief Dumas served as captain for six years during which he commanded each of the department’s two divisions and maintained oversight of the budget.   Since joining the force, Deputy Chief Dumas served as a patrolman, detective, sergeant, lieutenant and captain.

Deputy Chief Dumas has received specialized training in a variety of fields, including firearms, accident reconstruction, conflict resolution and a variety of leadership and management training.   Deputy Chief Dumas is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and served on the National Executive Board of the FBI National Academy Associates, representing New England, New York State,  Eastern Canada, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Europe.  The FBI National Academy Associates is an18,000 member fraternal organization comprised of  National Academy graduates from law enforcement agencies around the world.

On March 1, 2016 at 5 am, while off duty, Deputy Chief Dumas was working out at Planet Fitness in Amesbury when he saw an individual fall off a treadmill.  Chief Dumas immediately stopped what he was doing and recognized that the individual was in cardiac arrest.  He started performing CPR and the staff called 911 and brought the defibrillator and put it together.  There was another individual checking the patient’s pulse.  With Deputy Chief performing CPR and the aid of the defibrillator, the patient was revived.

Deputy Chief Dumas stated “I’m not a hero, I am just a trained police officer  .. I’ve got 20 yeas on the job, I’ve never had to do it, I did it at the gym.  That says something to be able to do that.  Any lay person can learn CPR.  I am grateful that he survived, I truly am”.

Without Deputy Chief Dumas fast response and abilities, and the help of others in the center, the patient most likely would not have survived.

We can all be proud of Deputy Chief Dumas and all the other individuals in this room who think of others.

It is with pride that the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation presents Deputy Chief Scott Dumas with a Life Saving Award!