Detective Joseph Rousseau – Outstanding Police Officer




Detective Joseph Rousseau is in his tenth year with the Rochester Police Department and is assigned as a property crimes investigator within the detective division.  Additionally, he is also the department’ polygraph examiner.   Detective Rousseau is not the “Hollywood” style detective you hear a lot about, but is our lead investigator when it comes to complex fraud investigations.  These investigations are often time consuming and most would consider boring, but Detective Rousseau shines when conducting them.  He is detail oriented and extremely thorough while investigating these types of crimes.

One example of Detective Rousseau’s tireless dedication was investigating a case taking over 13 months where a local assisted living home was defrauded out of approximately $68,000.00 by the former administrator.   The original complaint was reported when the board of directors noticed high administrative expenses that seemed out of the ordinary from historical expenditures.  They were not sure of the full extent of the matter or even if it was fraud.

Detective Rousseau was assigned the case, he executed over 25 search warrants for financial documents, reviewing close to a thousand pages of financial documents.  He discovered four different companies which the suspect created to defraud the home for the individuals own personal gain.  He proved the monies had been transferred into different bank accounts.  The former administrator was charged with fraud and is awaiting trial.

Additionally, Detective Rousseau has investigated a case whereby an employer defrauded the employer with over $40,000.00 in educational reimbursements.  Again, this case involved multiple search warrants and review of banking documents.

Detective Rousseau is also very skilled in computer programming.  He has developed several databases and search programs that are used by the Rochester Police crime analyst, dispatchers and officers.  His knowledge and skill-set has resulted in more efficient and effective work product for his co-workers.

Detective Rousseau is a dedicated and tireless worker, he is an integral part of our detective bureau and team.  As a skilled fraud investigator and thorough polygraph examiner, he is willing to assist all of his fellow officers with investigations and technology issues.  For these reasons, The Rochester Police department feels Detective Joseph Rousseau should be considered for an Office of the Year Award.

It is with great honor and pride for the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation to present Detective Joseph Rousseau with an Outstanding Police Officer Award!