Timothy Therrien, David Keith, Eben Lamson 2015 Certificates of Recognition

Timothy Therrien                              Sunapee Police

David Keith                                       New London Police

Eben Lamson                                    New London Police



In the early evening of January 4, 2015, while on duty, Officer Therrien was dispatched to 1281 Route 11, Georges Mills that an alarm came in.  On arrival, he observed the structure was fully involved, contacted dispatch and advised the dispatcher to contact the fire department.  This fire was extremely dangerous due to the propane tanks stored near the door and the gas pumps.

As the flames coming through the door were getting bigger rapidly, Officer Therrien directed his attention to the adjacent residences and began evacuating the occupants.  Officer Therrien was unable to alert an occupant in a particular residence which was engulfed in smoke, and in which he knew an elderly female resided.  Officer Therrien then broke a window to the residence, thus allowing him to pen the front door and gain access.  Once inside Officer Therrien, assisted by Officer Lamson and Keith of the New London Fire Department were able to locate and awaken the resident in the then smoke-filled home and bring her to safety.

It is a great honor for the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation to present Police Certificates of Recognition to Officers Timothy Therrien, David Keith and Eben Lamson for the saving of lives during the extremely dangerous structure fire!