Lt. John Marasco NH State Police 2015 Certificate of Recognition

Lt. Marasco coordinated a meeting between the NH State Police and the Congolese Community of Manchester, in which approximately 50 Congolese attendees met with many representatives from the State Police and DMV for three hours.

The intent of the meeting was to introduce the Congolese attendees to the services that the NH State Police and Department of Motor Vehicles provide, including discussing licensing procedures, community policing and due process, and most importantly to answer questions that the numerous attendees may have had.

Ultimately, the main intent of the meeting was to alleviate any fears the attendees may have of law enforcement within the United States; after becoming aware of the fact that the police in the Congo operate drastically differently than within the United States, in that abuse of power, excessive force, and corruption are the norm.  It was clear at the conclusion of the evening, that long last lasting bonds had been forged. 

As a result of that meeting, Lt. Marasco facilitated meetings to garner support and awareness of a non-profit organization, in which several Congolese Community members hope to establish to create rapport among immigrant youth and the police. 

Lt. Marasco has continued to collaborate with the Manchester Police Department to develop informational meetings such as the one described above, with many different immigrant communities, to facilitate discussions to educate and develop bonds of trust with the police.  Lt. Marasco is passionate about this and devotes many hours of his personal time to accomplish these goals.

It is with great honor and appreciation that the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation presents Lt. John Marasco with a Police Certificate of Recognition!