Laura Spaulding                                                   Concord Police Department   


Officer Laura Spaulding was nominated by John Thomas, Lieutenant Commander of the Patrol Division of the Concord Police Department.  Officer Laura Spaulding started her career with the Concord Police Department in 2003 as a dispatcher, and later was hired as a police officer in 2007.  As a police officer, she was assigned to the Patrol Division.

In December 2012 Officer Spaulding was assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit that was newly formed by the Department.  She was the first officer assigned to this unit, and since being assigned she has gone to great lengths to make this unit successful and make a difference in the community.   Officer Spaulding is responsible for reviewing and following up on all domestic related incidents.  This past year alone, she has followed up with over 400 victims of domestic violence, and has assisted these victims in connection with the local Crisis Center, Prosecutors, Advocates, legal assistance and financial aid.  Officer Spaulding has also assisted these victims through the court system as their cases proceeded.

Officer Spaulding implemented the “Hopeline” phone system at the Concord Police Department.  This system allows the police department to provide victims in danger with a cell phone that can be used to contact the police advocates the court, doctors, family members, or anyone the victim needs to keep in touch with.  Officer Spaulding has provided training to the entire police department, as well as other police departments in surrounding area, and other community based agencies.  Officer Spaulding has forged partnerships with many community groups to help prevent domestic violence.

Officer Spaulding has served on boards, commissions and committees to raise awareness and funds to prevent domestic violence.   Officer Spaulding is dedicated and works tirelessly in the community and has moved the Concord Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit forward in a very positive light throughout the community.

It is a great privilege and honor to present Officer Laura Spaulding with a NH Police Fire & EMS Police Certificate of Recognition!