Curtis Mailoux Certificate of Recognition

Curtis Mailloux                                                     Gilford Police Department


Chief Anthony J. Bean Burpee and the Gilford Police Department proudly nominated Officer Curtis Mailloux for his exceptional performance in the line of duty on the evening of Sunday February 8, 2015.  The bravery Officer Mailloux conveyed in saving the lives of two elderly Gilford residents from their house fire is inspiring and a true testament to his commitment to service to the Town of Gilford community.

On February 8, 2015 fire departments from the Town of Gilford and the City of Laconia were dispatched to a reported building fire with occupants at 93 Old Lakeshore Road in Gilford.  The two senior occupants had been awakened by a smoke detector, quickly observed smoke inside their home and called E-9-1-1.

Officer Mailloux, being on road patrol approximately one and a half miles away, copied radio traffic from the local dispatcher and immediately responded.  As the first public safety responder to arrive on scene, he instantly confirmed the residence in question was filled with smoke and the elderly residents appeared to still be inside.  Upon looking through the front window and observing a male subject standing inside, Officer Mailloux attempted to gain access through the front door; however, it was locked.  He advised the male inside to stand back, and proceeded to kick the door in.  Noticing the senior male appeared to be retreating to the back of the residence once he was inside, Officer Mailloux was advised the resident’s wife was in the house also.  Officer Mailloux quickly picked up the elderly male, carried him outside and placed him in the driveway.  He then re-entered the residence and located the elderly woman, who appeared to be confused as to what was happening; Officer Mailloux picked her up and carried her outside, where he then observed fire personnel arriving on scene.   The homeowners and Officer Mailloux were transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation, and released a short time later. 

For the heroic actions of Officer Curtis P. Mailloux, the NH Police, Fire and EMS Foundation proudly present him with a Police Certificate of Recognition!