Colby Morrison Certificate of Recognition

Colby Morrison                                           Campton Police Department


On the evening of March 6, 2015 a call for a first alarm structure fire came into the Campton-Thornton Fire Department, and Cpl. Kevin Foss and Officer Colby Morrison also responded to the scene.

There was heavy smoke and flames coming from the residence when Officer Morrison and Cpl Foss arrived.  Officer Morrison found the male resident outside the front of the home with his dog, but stated he and his wife had separated as they tried to flee the home, and she had still not come out.  Officer Morrison immediately went into the heavy smoke and heat where on his hands and knees, was able to locate the female resident and lead her outside.  The two officers then made sure the couple were taken to a safe location as the firefighters worked to save the family home.

Police Chief Christopher Warn has stated “It is this type of dedication to the people we are sworn to protect, and the selfless action on Officer Morrison’s part, that makes me very proud.”

It is with great honor and appreciation that the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation presents Officer Colby Morrison with a Police Service Certificate of Recog