Michael Clark 2015 Fire Service Lifetime Achievement Award

Michael ClarkMichael Clark, Captain (Ret.)                                    New Hampshire Fire Academy

Captain Michael Clark (Ret.)  is a 44 year veteran of the fire service.  He began his career in 1966 and has served as a firefighter, officer and instructor.  Captain Clark retired as a Captain from the Hanover, NH Fire Department in 2009.  He currently serves as a senior staff instructor with the New Hampshire Fire Academy, an adjunct instructor with the National Fire Academy and a Structural Collapse Technical Instructor II with the National FEMA/USAR response system.  Captain Clark is a Firehouse Expo instructor specializing in truck and engine company operations.

Captain Clark has an Associate’s degree in fire protection, and is an NFPA Level 4 instructor.  Captain Clark is a member of the New England Fraternal Order of Leatherheads (FOOLS) executive board.

In 1989 Captain Clark was the recipient of the John T. Ayer Fire Instructor of the Year Award.  This award was established by the Fire Instructors & Officers Association of New Hampshire to recognize an individual who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, mentorship, guidance and diligence as an instructor to firefighters/EMS personnel and has made significant contributions to the New Hampshire fire/EMS service.

There are very few firefighters who DON’T know Captain Clark.  He has taught literally thousands of firefighters here in New Hampshire and across the country, all while maintaining a passion for what he does, that is second-to-none.  Captain Clark’s teaching by passing on his knowledge, skills and abilities of the firefighting profession, has saved lives of firefighters and citizens in our communities.  As a Senior Instructor, he is looked up to by other instructors and many students sign up for classes because they know he is teaching.

Captain Clark is not only passionate about his subject matter, but he is passionate about people.  He doesn’t walk by anyone without giving them a hug or a kiss on the top of the head, even to total strangers!  For most of his life, Caption Clark has been dedicated to service.  He has served his country as a Marine, served his community, and continues to be a mentor, a teacher, and a leader in the NH Fire Service.

It is with great pleasure that the NH Police, Fire & EMS Foundation presents Retired Chief, Michael Clark with a Lifetime Firefighter Achievement Award!