Matthew Cole 2015 Fire Service Certificate of Recognition

Deputy Fire Chief Matthew              Chichester Fire Department

Deputy Fire Chief Matthew Cole has been recognized by Chief Alan S. Quimby and the Chichester Fire-Rescue Department.

 Deputy Fire Chief, Matthew Cole has been with the Chichester Fire Department for ten years, and as Deputy Fire chief for the last five years. 

Deputy Fire Chief Cole has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and an unwavering positive attitude toward both fellow firefighters and citizens in the town of Chichester.  Deputy Fire Chief Cole has been called upon numerous time to go above and beyond normal duty assignments.

Deputy Fire Chief Cole has provided expertise in planning, obtaining necessary permits and supervising the installation of sever new dry hydrants throughout Chichester.  He has played an instrumental role in several projects, including the successful replacement of a 1989 pumper with a new modern pumper truck.  Deputy Fire Chief Cole tool the lead on the installation, mounting and organizing necessary equipment to place the department’s new Forestry truck into service.

 Deputy Fire Chief Cole volunteers time locally and away from home to educate children and the general public on fire safety.  He has served his town as a member of the Capital Improvement Committee and is currently the chairman of the committee.

Deputy Fire Chief Cole is a great firefighter and leader, is willing to take on responsibilities of higher level personnel with no hesitation.  He is approached by co-workers with questions on and off the emergency scenes.

Deputy Fire Chief Cole exemplifies selflessness and caring and is a highly valued member of the Chichester Fire Department.

It is a great privilege and honor to present Deputy Fire Chief Matthew Cole with a NH Police Fire & EMS Firefighter’s Certificate of Recognition!